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natural recipe for slimming

natural recipe for slimming

 natural recipe for slimming


Recipe 1 - Pare


Material :

3 bitter melon and 1 tablespoon honey.

Method :

Pare that has been cleaned in puree and filtered juice.

Then mix this filtered water with pure honey.

Drink this mixture once a day.

It tastes a bit bitter but is effective for slimming the body.

Recipe 2 - Lime

the method :

lime juice mixed with bitter tea

then drink it every day.

This mixture is usually called lemon tea but without sugar.


Recipe 3 - rambutan root


Material :

rambutan root,





and pomegranate.

The method :

All these ingredients are cleaned

then boiled using clean water until boiling.

After that chill

and drink one glass of filtered water every day.


Recipe 4 - Noni

Material :

the additional required is 10 grams of bangle,

10 g yellow,

5 grams of tamarind and 8 grams of lempuyang.

All ingredients are cleaned and then mashed until completely smooth. After that, add mineral water and wring it out with a cloth. This juice is drunk to be slim.

Recipe 5 - Pomegranate

Red pomegranate mixed with salt

then puree and stirred using warm water.

Drink this water every day so that the body is slim fast.

The salt used can be adjusted to your taste which is important not too much.

Recipe 6 - Green Tea

Brew green tea with warm water and without sugar.

Then drink regularly every day.

The antioxidant content in green tea can remove toxins in the body and help burn fat.

In a short time you can get a slim body.