Kamis, 04 November 2021

healthy skin naturally


healthy skin naturally

Skin health


The method :

Take 100g of fresh turmeric rhizome,

100 ml lime juice,

11/2 tablespoons of honey and water to taste.

Turmeric mashed with a blender,

Mix the turmeric paste with honey and lime juice.

Add enough water.

Drink regularly

Besides being able to provide benefits, it turns out that turmeric can also cause side effects on the body, including:


Causes stomach upset

Can cause stimulation of the uterus,

so that pregnant women and nursing mothers as much as possible reduce the consumption of turmeric.


Some of the substances/compounds in turmeric are difficult to absorb by the body, so the benefits of turmeric cannot be maximized by the body.


For those of you who are undergoing chemotherapy, you should not consume turmeric because it can reduce the effects of chemotherapy