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benefits of squid


benefits of squid

Benefits and Efficacy of Squid for Health

Although not classified as a type of fish. However, in the field of fisheries, squid are classified as food commodity animals that are included in its territory. This marine animal is so popular as a food ingredient. The reason is obvious because of its mouth-watering taste.

Squid is an animal belonging to the mollusk phylum (soft tissue animal) which is sold in many markets, ranging from traditional to modern markets. The packaging of the products also varies, some are still in fresh form, or those that have been dried.

But to be able to enjoy the delicious taste of this squid meat, it's a good idea to buy it in a fresh condition. Moreover, fresh squid will offer you the ink liquid which is edible and very efficacious as a natural cancer medicine.

Below, we present data about the benefits of fish

Squid for health:

1. Benefits of Squid Ink Turns Out To Cure Cancer

Cancer is a chronic disease that is so deadly. Many people have died of cancer, despite having undergone a series of medical treatments from chemotherapy to radiation. Even many people who undergo herbal treatment. But the result is nil.

Well, if you are a cancer patient, or your relatives have it. Try suggesting cancer therapy with Squid ink. Yes, the ink contained in the squid's body turns out to contain anti-cancer proteins.

2. Benefits of Squid Rich in Melanin Compounds

The black color of the squid ink occurs due to the very high melanin content. As we all know, melanin is a black pigment contained in all skin tissues of animals and humans.

Melanin is very useful for protecting the body from harmful solar radiation, such as ultraviolet. Automatically you are protected from the dangers of skin cancer.

3. Content of Essential Amino Acids in Squid

Essential Amino Acids are the main proteins that make up the human body, which cannot be produced by the human body. So its existence needs to be supplied from outside the body through food consumption.

One of the foods that contain this essential amino acid is processed squid. When you eat it, your body reacts to produce hormones and repair damaged cells.

4. Contains Tyrosine as a Hormone Stimulus

Hormones in the human body sometimes need to be encouraged to be active. You can do this by consuming food, as well as with a healthy mindset (don't stress).

The content of the substance Tyrosine in Squid can be a stimulus or hormone stimulant. Among other things, stimulate the active hormone adrenaline, which makes your heart beat more energetically, but healthy.

5. Activates the Dopamine Neurotransmitter

Squid can activate Neurotransmitter, which is a kind of tool to deliver signals into the human brain. Its function is usually carried out by cells, enzymes, and hormones.

Like this dopamine which is also classified as a neurotransmitter that will deliver energy signals into your brain. So you can think more clearly and free from stress. Dopamine is often touted as the feel-good hormone.

6. Benefits of Squid to Help the Production of Serotonin Hormones

Serotonin is said to be an anti-stress hormone as well. It is very suitable for consumption by those with mental and psychological disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder. This hormone is clearly found naturally in the human body. However, the levels are sometimes too small, so it needs to be boosted with the help of squid, for example.

7. Contains Tyrosine Amino Acid

Tyrosine is still one of the essential amino acids contained in squid. Its function is very important for protein synthesis. In a sense to trigger the growth of other types of protein in the human body.

Tyrosine's main function is to facilitate the work of the brain's nerves and as a mood stabilizer. So by eating calamari, you will have a happy mood.

8. Benefits of Squid to Accelerate Body Metabolism with Taurine Content

Metabolism is the body's process of converting food into energy. This is also related to a series of body reactions when the body eats food, whether it will store fat or actually shed fat.

The content of taurine substances in the squid's body will accelerate your body's metabolism. So you can be healthy. Avoid obesity and malnutrition.

9. Benefits of Squid Containing Natural Substances Substitute for MSG

Squid has a naturally savory taste. Especially in the ink which turns out to be able to replace the function of MSG (monosodium glutamate).

There has been a lot of health literature showing the dangers of MSG to the body, but unfortunately many people have not been able to escape from this MICIN alias MSG. Well, you should try the natural substance MSG in this squid.

10. Contains Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B comp