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"Then eat of every fruit and follow the path of your Lord which has been made easy for you.

From the belly of the bee came a liquid of honey of various colors,

in it is a cure for man.

Verily, in that there is a sign

the greatness of God to those who think." (Surat an-Nahl: 69)

Benefits of Honey

a. Bacteria can't fight honey

It is recommended to use honey to treat burns.

Honey has anti-inflammatory specifications.

b. Honey is rich in antioxidants

The phenolic antioxidants in honey have high active power

and can increase the body's resistance to oxidative stress.

c. Honey and oral health

When used for brushing teeth, it can whiten and nourish teeth and gums.

treat canker sores and other oral disorders.

d. Honey and scalp

By using a liquid honey content of 90%, honey mixed with warm water

once every two days on the infected parts of the head and face

gently massaged for 2-3 minutes,

-Honey can kill lice

- remove dandruff,

-elongate the hair,


-and soften it

-as well as cure scalp diseases.

e. Honey and diabetes treatment

Honey can lower blood glucose levels in diabetics because of the presence of antioxidants

which makes the assimilation of sugar easier in the blood

so that the sugar content does not look high.

Nutritious honey is rich in vitamins B1, B5, and C which diabetics

really need these vitamins.

A small spoonful of pure natural honey will add fast and large sugar content in the blood,

This will stimulate the pancreatic cells to produce insulin.

Diabetics should do a blood analysis first to determine

the permissible dose for him under the supervision of his Expert.

f. Honey prevents inflammation of the large intestine, stomach ulcers and ulcers

Honey plays a good role in protecting the colon from the injuries commonly caused by acetic acid

and helps treat gastric infections. At the level of 20% honey can

attenuates the pylori bacteria that causes peptic ulcers in the experimental plate.

In addition, honey is very nutritious, softens the body's natural system,

eliminate the unpleasant taste of medicine, cleanse the liver,

facilitate urination, suitable for treating cough with phlegm.

Fruits soaked in honey can last up to six months.

The best honey is the clearest, white and not sharp and the sweetest.

Honey taken from mountain areas and wild trees has its own merits

than those taken from ordinary nests,

and it depends on where the bees hunt for their food.

Black Seed

Imam Bukhari narrated from 'Aisha RA that she once heard the Prophet say which means:

"Indeed, in the Black Seed there is a cure for all diseases, except as-sam."

I asked, "What is as-sam?" He replied, "Death".

Black Seed is efficacious in treating all kinds of cold diseases,

can also help cure various heat ailments due to temporal factors.

Habbatus sauda' seeds contain 40% takasiri oil and 1.4% essential oil,

15 kinds of amino acids, protein, Ca, Fe, Na and K active content is thymoquinone,

dithymouinone, thymohydroquimone and thymol.

that habbatus sauda 'activates acquired immunity, because it increases levels of helper T cells,

suppressor T cells, and natural killer cells.

Some recipes for the use and benefits of Black Seed ':

1. Pounded, made a dough with a mixture of honey, then drunk after mixed with hot water,

taken daily routine:

crushing kidney stones and bladder stones,

facilitate urine, menstruation and breast milk.

2. Knead with wet flour water or cooked flour,

able to expel worms more strongly.

3. Drink about a spoonful of oil mixed with water to

relieve shortness of breath and the like.

4. Cooked with vinegar and used to gargle to

treat toothache due to cold.

5. Used as a dressing mixed with vinegar

to treat acne and festering scabies.

6. Finely ground, daily applied to the bite wound of a mad dog

some two or three times, then cleaned with water.

For regular consumption to maintain health, preferably only two spoons.

Some medical circles claim that consuming too much can be deadly.

rumman pomegranate

God said,

"In Paradise there are fruits, palm trees and pomegranates."

(Surah Ar-Rahman: 68)

Ibn 'Abbas narrated a hadith,

“Each one of your pomegranates is pollinated by a heavenly pomegranate seed.”

Harb and others narrated from Ali who said,

"Eat pomegranate with its skin, for it cleanses the stomach."

Sweet pomegranate is hot and wet,

useful for the stomach and strengthen the stomach because it has a mild constipation substance.

Pomegranate is useful for the throat, chest, lungs and relieves coughs.