Kamis, 04 November 2021

Kencur Rice Herb


Kencur Rice Herb

Notes :


This herbal medicine recipe has benefits and efficacy to treat ulcer disease if taken regularly. In addition, appetite will also increase thanks to the tonic kencur ingredient. Suitable for children who have difficulty eating


Ingredients :

3 ounces of kencur

3 ounces of rice

1 kg brown sugar

ounce cinnamon

tbsp table salt

13 seeds of kedaung

5 liters of boiled water

How to make herbal rice kencur:

Rice is divided into 2 parts. The first portion (1 ounces), washed and then soaked for one day. While other parts in sangan or roasted.

Kedaung seeds are also roasted, set aside.

Mix the two rice, kedaung seeds, add kencur then mash until smooth. Add 10 cups of water and strain.

Boil the brown sugar with 7 cups of water until it boils then add the table salt, stir.

The sugar solution is filtered and mixed with kencur rice water, stirring until smooth.

Once cool, strain and put in a bottle.