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How to treat breast cancer naturally


How to treat breast cancer naturally

How to treat breast cancer naturally

How to treat breast cancer naturally

Welcome to the official Breast Cancer traditional medicine.

For those of you who are experiencing health problems or disorders such as:

a lump in a woman's breast (due to breast cancer),

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Previously it would be better if you knew in more detail about the symptoms,

causes, risk factors, and prevention of breast cancer.

Breasts are made up of fat, connective tissue,

and thousands of lobules (small milk-producing glands).

When a woman gives birth, Mother's Milk (ASI)

will be delivered to the nipple through a small duct while breastfeeding.

The cells in our body normally grow and reproduce regularly.

New cells are only formed when needed.

But the process in the body of people with cancer will be different.

the process will run unnaturally so that growth and

cells multiply uncontrollably.

These abnormal cells can also spread

to other parts of the body via the bloodstream.

This is called metastatic cancer.

If detected at an early stage,

Cancer can be treated before it spreads to other parts of the body.

The first symptom of breast cancer is a lump or thickening in the skin of the breast tissue.

But most lumps are not necessarily a sign of cancer.

Breast cancer is not something to be taken lightly. There are various factors,

ranging from different lifestyles to the types of food consumed every day.

Breast cancer

Types of breast cancer experienced by women can be classified into two.


cancer that starts in the ducts of the breast

or better known as ductal carcinoma.

This type of cancer is more common than lobular carcinoma.

ie cancer that begins in the lobules or mammary glands.

It is still not known exactly what causes

a person can get breast cancer.

However, a number of experts have found that genetic factors

is one of the most common causes of cancer

this. Cancer cells do not pass from parent to child,

but someone who has a certain gene

have a greater risk of developing breast cancer or uterine cancer.

In addition, the age factor also affects the formation of breast cancer cells.

The older a woman is, the higher her risk for this cancer.

It is recorded that 80 percent of breast cancer patients are

women over the age of 50 and have gone through menopause.

Indications of the emergence of breast cancer can be detected by

the appearance of a lump around the breast that is accompanied by pain,

These symptoms arise due to thickening of the tissue in the breast.

However, the appearance of a lump around the breast can be

It's just a normal lump and doesn't contain cancer cells.

Another symptom of breast cancer is pain around the breast and armpit.

the appearance of a red rash and wrinkles on the skin of the breast,

the shape of the nipples shrivels and bleeds,

or a change in the size of one or both breasts.

Treatment for breast cancer varies depending on the

some factors,

the type of breast cancer,

cancer stage,


and the patient's current state of health.

The causes of many women who suffer from breast cancer is diverse.

Starting from urbanization, fast-paced lifestyle

which ends up making many women not pay attention to health,

choosing instant food and also urban pollution which is getting worse day by day.

Breast cancer is not deadly

The life expectancy of cancer patients is quite high.

But still, if it is treated too late, it threatens your life.

So for that, let's identify the risk of breast cancer in women.


You must pay attention to your family history,

if you have relatives or ancestors affected

breast cancer then you should be more vigilant.

Because you can also get this disease 4 times greater.

For that, you must do a screening test on your breasts

every 6 months so you can be safer if you get the same problem.

Elderly woman.

Women who are over the age of 50

found to have the highest risk of developing breast cancer problems.

The cause is a result of significant hormonal changes at this age.

Another reason is because your immune system starts to weaken

at this middle age.

Early puberty.

Today many women go through puberty early.

It turns out that this cycle can also predispose you to breast cancer.

This is usually due to unstable estrogen and progesterone hormones.


Oral contraceptives such as pills can reduce the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer.

but this type of contraception also has many side effects.

One of them is the increased risk of developing breast cancer cells.

Hormone problems. Women who have hormone problems