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7 Herbal Medicines And How To Make It For All Diseases


7 Herbal Medicines And How To Make It For All Diseases

There are already many people both in urban and rural areas who do not

using herbal medicines. If there were, surely some of them

buy it instantly, without mixing/processing it yourself.

With the existence of chemical drugs that are better, more effective, and provide

rapid influence, making people's purchasing power towards drugs

it becomes very high.

Of course, due to the lack of time that some patients have,

they have no other choice but to buy and buy these drugs.

However, there is nothing wrong if you are still using drugs

These herbs are directly obtained from Indonesia's rich nature.

Well, then here will be explained some recipes for herbal medicines for

diseases that are often experienced by the people of Indonesia.

1. Salesma, Cold

As is well known, this disease is caused by

influenza virus, dust, coldness, rain, even drinking

too cold drinks. If you have this disease,

it will certainly be very disturbed even while worshiping, sleeping, or

just breathe.

The following herbal ingredients are needed to treat this disease.

Material :

Lempuyang 25gram

Chili 25 grams

Ginger 10 grams

Turmeric 5 grams

Laos 5 grams

Palm sugar to taste

How to make :

All the ingredients are pounded together and then boiled with liter and leave until

remaining liter.

Drink 3x a day

For another easier recipe, you can use 2 limes and

palm sugar to taste. Brew the two ingredients with a glass of hot water

and drink regularly 2x a day.

2. Sore throat-Cough

That there are two kinds of sore throat,

The first is called a sore throat which is accompanied by symptoms of:

itching in the larynx, hoarseness, headache and shortness of breath.

The second is called a sore throat whose symptoms are coughing up mucus,

sometimes leads to chest bone pain, shortness of breath, restlessness and does not come out

sweat. Well, here are the ingredients and how to make the herbal medicine.

Material :

10 betel flowers

5 stalks of betel leaf

Powdered sugar 3 tablespoons

Kitchen salt as needed

How to make :

All ingredients are stirred in 1 cup of hot water, then let it cool

and drink until it runs out without the need to taste. Drink in the morning,

and for the afternoon make a new one.

3. Insomnia

Of course it is not natural to have a disease like this.

Sometimes it starts with a habit, but of course it's too much and not

few of your relatives who definitely have a disease like this. The cause

what is known is a lot of thoughts / thinking about heavy things,

fear, nervous breakdown to frustration. Here's a recipe for herbal medicine.

Material :

Kale leaves 50gram

Gotu kola leaves 10 grams

Coriander 5 grams

Cumin 3 grams

How to make :

Coriander and cumin are finely ground, then all ingredients are boiled together

until cooked, then consume while warm. By drinking it regularly,

this disease can definitely be cured quickly while at the same time

healthy lifestyle habits.

4. Heartburn

This heartburn will be very disturbing even in urgent conditions.

That's because of irregular eating schedule, eating too much spicy,

smoke and drink liquor, work maniacs without rest,

food is not chewed first, even mental stress problems

also influential.

Therefore, many people with ulcer disease try to keep

their diet to stay regular but not paying attention to food

that they consume. Well, here's a recipe for herbal medicine that can be made by

stomach ulcer patient.

Material :

Temulawak 8 pieces

Garlic 2 cloves

Green beans cup

How to make :

Ginger and garlic are thinly sliced.

Then, all the ingredients are boiled with

-1 cups of water to soak into cup only.

Consume regularly in the morning and evening.

For a more instant recipe,

you can buy yam fruit,

then grated and then squeeze the water.

Spiced with a little salt and then drunk after breakfast.

In the afternoon make a new potion again.

5. Constipation - Difficulty Defecation

Constipation itself is not a disease, but only a symptom of a disease.

Constipation can be caused by sitting too much, not moving, and

Of course, consume less vegetables and fruits.

Here's the recipe for the herbal medicine

Material :

Carrots 2 sticks

Hot water 2 tablespoons

Salt a little

How to make :

Grated carrots, spiked with 2 tablespoons of hot water, then squeezed,

and season with salt. Stir well, and drink 2 times a day.

For a simple recipe that is easier, you can buy 3 pineapples

big and ripe. Peel the skin, clean and wash and then grate.

Squeeze to get the water. Drink 2x a day cup.

You can also buy real and fresh pineapple juice, or you can add mustard greens

so that the freshness is more