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How to Curl Eyelashes

 How to Curl Eyelashes

1. With Spoon Spoon

Have you ever tried a spoon to curl your eyelashes? It's easy,

because it only takes a thin spoon to make eyelashes look thicker.

First, put the spoon in warm water for a few moments.

Once it feels warm, place the spoon on your eyelid right on the lashline.

Use the indentation of the spoon to press the lashes.

To make the eyelashes look more curved upwards,

Press with your bristle finger on the end of the spoon. After that,

add a dash of mascara to make the curve last longer.

Continue by combing the lashes carefully, while the mascara is still half wet

2. With Betel Leaf

Pound the betel leaf stalk until smooth. Mix together with aloe vera gel to taste.

Apply the mixture evenly to all parts of the eyelashes.

Leave it on until it dries and rinse with warm water.

Do this treatment regularly to get maximum results

3. Honey

The first tip for curling eyelashes is to use honey. This natural ingredient not only has various benefits for the skin, but also for the hair, including eyelashes. Use pure honey whose nutritional content is still present. How to curl eyelashes with honey is as follows:

Pour a few drops of honey on a cotton swab or cotton bud

Carefully apply honey all over the eyelashes, following the direction of the eyelash growth

Let stand until dry, then rinse with clean water.


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