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Diabetes traditional medicine

Diabetes traditional medicine

 Diabetes traditional medicine

1. Rodent tuber plant

Mouse taro or taro kunting in Javanese can cure diabetes. This rat taro plant can also cure other chronic diseases such as cancer or tumors. This plant contains Ribozome Inactivating Protein, which is a substance that can regenerate body cells so that the function of body cells can convert glucose to normal as before. But you have to be careful in consuming this plant because it contains poison or toxins.

2. Mangosteen

The next way to reduce diabetes naturally is with the mangosteen fruit. This fruit can cure diabetes which has been known for a long time. Mangosteen contains xanthones compounds that can slow down the occurrence of alpha-glucosidase. Alpha-glucosidase is the process of converting carbohydrates into glucose by enzymes. When this process is inhibited, the level of sugar in the blood decreases.

3. Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaves contain potassium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C and fiber in large quantities so that it can improve the performance of the pancreas and cells in the body. There are two ways to reduce diabetes, namely the wet and dry methods. The wet method is to boil soursop leaves in hot water and drink the boiled water. How to dry by drying soursop leaves and then ground or ground into powder. After that, the powder can be drunk by brewing it with warm water.

4. Brotowali

brotowali The next traditional way to treat diabetes is with brotowali leaves. In ancient times, people have used this plant for diabetes medicine. How to? Boil the brotowali stems and then drink the boiled water. In order to reduce the bitter taste, add honey to the cooking water because honey is also efficacious for maintaining a healthy body.

5. Noni

Fruit for diabetics is good for consumption, because it can help lower blood sugar levels, one of which is noni fruit. Make no mistake, this fruit that smells and tastes bad is actually able to treat diabetes. Noni contains proxeronin substances that widen the pores of the body's cells so that the function of the body's cells makes glucose better.

6. Basil

Plants whose leaves are usually eaten turn out to be able to cure diabetes because they contain substances that facilitate the work of insulin for converting glucose into energy so that glucose levels in the blood will become normal.

7. Bitter Leaf

Sambiloto Sambiloto leaves are also bitter like brotowali and the crown of the gods. Bitter leaf can cure diabetes because there are flavonoids that make it easier for the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin. How to? Boil this bitter leaf, then drink the boiled water. To reduce the bitter taste then add honey which is also good for the body.

8. Cinnamon

cinnamon Cinnamon is better known as a spice in cooking. It has a slightly sweet taste as the name implies, it can make food delicious, but actually cinnamon can also treat diabetes. How to consume it by inserting cinnamon sticks or powder into cooking so that your food is not only delicious but also healthy.

9. Ginseng

Ginseng can cure diabetes because there are substances that can make blood sugar levels more stable because the amount of insulin substances increases. Ginseng is usually consumed to nourish the body because it can increase vitality and stamina.

10. God's Crown

Mahkota Dewa also tastes bitter but it turns out to be able to cure diabetes. The way to consume this plant is to boil the fruit of the crown of the gods, then drink the boiled water.

11. Mango Leaf

Mango leaves are effective in curing diabetes mellitus. The content of compounds contained in the leaves can restore the function of the pancreas to produce insulin so that blood sugar levels are more controlled. There are compounds taraxerol -3 beta and ethyl acetate that normalize the production of the hormone insulin so that blood sugar levels become normal. How to use it is to soak 2-3 mango leaves for 12 hours. Then filter the soaking water and drink the water regularly.

12. Salam Leaves

Bay leaves are efficacious to facilitate blood circulation and glucose metabolism system so that blood sugar levels become normal (diabetes is resolved). Bay leaves contain compounds such as tannins, eugenol, and flavonoids that can lower blood sugar levels quickly. Bay leaves can also improve blood circulation so that the process of processing glucose into energy is maximized. How to use bay leaves to treat diabetes is very easy. Boil 5-7 bay leaves with 3 cups of water and drink it regularly.

13. Tread Dara

tread dara Based on research conducted by experts in California, tread dara contains as many as 70 types of alkaloids that can reduce excessive levels of sugar in the blood. This plant comes from Central America with the characteristics of thick leaves, purplish red flowers and purple flowers


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