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benefits of lime fruit

benefits of lime fruit

Benefits of lime for health, face and hair

Many people already know the benefits of lime. Whether it's the benefits of lime for health, the benefits of lime for the face, the benefits of lime for hair, and the benefits of lime for diet. Although the taste is very sour or sour, it turns out that it contains a lot of vitamin compounds that are good for maintaining the body both inside and outside.

One of them is famous for its vitamin C. Compared to other types of oranges, lime is the richest type of citrus that contains vitamin C. Not only vitamin C, lime also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, carbohydrates, fiber, fat , protein, calcium, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and sugar. Don't forget the citric acid which makes the taste sour.

Just look at the benefits of lime.

Benefits of lime for health

1. Improve imunitas

There are so many body supplements that use vitamin C. Well, lime itself is a natural source of vitamin C. By diligently drinking lime juice, the antioxidant content in the form of flavonoids will help increase your immunity, so that in any condition you will stay fit.

2. Balances pH

The balance of acids and bases in the body, also known as pH, is important because it determines whether you are healthy or sick. When the pH content is not balanced then you will get sick. The sour lime will balance the pH of your body.

3. Prevent cancer

The content of liminoids in lime acts as an antidote to free radicals in the body so that it can reduce the risk of several types of cancer such as leukemia, stomach cancer, and colon cancer.

4. Helps reduce high blood pressure

Lime is also rich in potassium which is useful to help reduce high blood pressure.

5. Help treat gout

Citric acid in lime is an important factor that is useful for dissolving uric acid naturally. Drink a glass of lime every morning.

6. Lowers cholesterol

Lime is rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids act as powerful anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help protect the body from the dangers of free radicals, especially unstable molecules that can damage healthy cells.

The method :

Cut 1 lime and squeeze the juice

Add 1 cup of warm water

Drink in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed.

Do it regularly so that bad cholesterol levels in your body are immediately reduced.

7. Healthy kidneys

The citric acid in limes can prevent the process of binding other minerals by calcium. By drinking lime juice every day it will nourish the kidneys and also prevent kidney stones.

8. Lose weight

Lime tea can accelerate the body's metabolism, including fat metabolism, so it will help eliminate fat in the body. In addition, green tea is rich in anti-oxidants which are useful for preventing cancer and lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels in the body

The method :

Prepare a teabag or 3 teaspoons

1 lime

A glass of hot water

Brew the tea and mix the lime juice into it

Consume regularly

9. Maintain ideal body weight

The way it works is the same as point 2, namely lime can accelerate the body's metabolism. Therefore, for those of you who try the benefits of lime for diet to maintain weight, drink lime juice every day so that your ideal weight is maintained.

10. Treating toothache and swollen gums

Anti-bacterial in lime will eradicate germs and bacteria that cause toothache or swollen gums.

The method is:

Squeeze 2 limes

Mix it with a glass of warm water

Then use it to rinse

11. Whiten teeth

The acid in limes acts as a natural alkali to balance the pH levels in the mouth. In addition to lime is also an effective antibacterial to eradicate the bacteria that cause yellow teeth.

The method :

Squeeze 1 lime

Put in a glass of warm water

Use it to rinse your mouth 3 times a day so that bacteria are completely gone

Or :

Prepare 1 tablespoon of lime juice

A pinch of salt

Mix until it forms a paste

Apply on teeth

12. Relieves sore throat

When you have strep throat, it certainly don't feel good because you will have difficulty swallowing food

The method :

Squeeze 1 lime

Add 3 tbsp honey

Drink 2 times a day, once drink 2 tbsp

13. Eliminate body odor or armpits

Lime is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids. Other content in lime is citric acid, iron, copper, potassium, calcium, macronutrients, fiber, and calories.

How to get rid of underarm odor with lime is the same as when you apply deodorant when you are. Use after bathing instead of deodorant.

14. Eliminate

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  1. Lime is the underrated fruit ever. These green thing is the number one green fruit for curing any kind of posion in Asia. Vitamins is not lime first benefit. Clear all the shit out of your body is the main benefit of lime.