Minggu, 31 Oktober 2021

treat eye pain naturally


method 1


black cumin13bj

a piece of bangle


clean water100gr

the method

1. Ground cumin, bangle and turmeric sliced

2. Boil with 100gr of water, let it stay half.

3. Drink in the morning and evening.

4. Eye pain can also be treated with cold boiled water of betel leaf, soak your eyes with the boiled water for a few moments.

5. Do it three times a day.

anemia natural remedy


method 1
lime 1 pc
handful of spinach leaves
chicken egg yolk
pure honey 1 tablespoon
the method
1. Egg yolk and honey are mixed together and then squeezed with lime juice, pounded spinach is taken for the juice.

2. All the ingredients are collected together and stirred evenly.

3. Taken every morning for 5 days. Then every 2 weeks.

method 2
long bean leaf 25gr
cassava leaves 25gr
Spinach Leaf Spinach 25gr
young papaya leaves 25gr
enough coconut
salt to taste~
the method
All the leaves are boiled until cooked and then eaten during the day like eating urap rice.

natural tonsil medicine

method 1



pure honey~

the method

1. Noni fruit squeezed, filtered and added a little hot water.

2. The juice is put into a glass and then mixed with honey, stir until blended.

3. Drink 3 times a day.

4. The way to drink is to rinse your mouth first before a few minutes and then swallow it.

method 2




the method

1. Lime is squeezed and the water is taken and then given a little whiting, stirred evenly.

2. Taken before bedtime for 3 consecutive days.

method 3


dried mangosteen peel 15gr

candy oil 2 tsp tea

the method

Mangosteen peel is boiled with 2 bottles of water until it boils and only 1 bottle remains. After that, drop the candy oil and mix well. Use this concoction to gargle several times a day.